Crosswind Petfoods, Inc.

Crosswind Petfoods, Inc. is the largest pet food and treat contract manufacturer in North America with 130,000 square feet of manufacturing real estate. We have the ability to produce both branded and private label programs. Due to our 20+ years of experience in the pet food industry we have the capability to provide our customers with the highest quality products by utilizing industry knowledge, technical expertise, packaging versatility and product innovation.

Our manufacturing capabilities include dog food, dog treats, cat food, cat treats, bird food, small animal diets, reptile foods, and zoo foods. Due to our production cycle, Crosswind Petfoods is able to provide you with the freshest products by offering a 14-day turnaround from manufacture to ship date to your facility. We also have a weekly production planning cycle to re-evaluate our production and allow for timely production and delivery. Crosswind Petfoods does not store large quantities of raw ingredients due to our central location in America's breadbasket. This insures an ongoing supply of fresh, locally supplied ingredients.

Crosswind Petfoods doesn't just want to sell you products, we want to develop a strategic partnership. We will work with you to:

  • Evaluate current pet department
  • Develop products to meet price point requirements
  • Develop promotional programs
  • Develop special product and packaging specifically tailored to your requirements

We want to be the solutions provider for all of your pet treat needs.